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HEM 820 DL - now available with even more power

High-powered chipping in continuous operation for an extremely high through put - the HEM 820 DL coarse chipper on a semitrailer is a professional machine for the highest-possible demands.

The mobile chipper is available with even more power with immediate effect. In addition to the standard Mercedes OM 473 LA engine with a drive power of 460 kW (= 625 hp) and a max. torque of 2900 Nm, the powerful mobile chipper is now also available with a Caterpillar engine. The CAT C 18 has a drive power of 571 kW (= 776 hp) at a torque of 3500 Nm, this is equivalent to a power increase of 20 %.

The HEM 820 DL is suitable for the production of very large quantities of woodchippings and especially for deployment at a permanent worksite. However, changing deployment sites can be reached very quickly because the mobile chipper is approved for speeds of up to 80 km/h and can be transported using all standard semitrailer tractors.

More information about this machine can be found here.

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